Residential Carpet Tiles Production Line

Ceramic tile is one of the most widely used building products that give a beautiful look to the building these products have been used in bathrooms and the  kitchen, but nowadays it has attracted many fans because of new designs and models of carpet tiles. The residential carpet tiles that replaces the carpet is a very beautiful and modern one that has been greatly welcomed Tile production in Iran due to many sources in the past has been common in Iran and its variety has led to good exports.

Residential Carpet Tiles Production Line

What are the Residential Carpet Tiles?

What are the Residential Carpet Tiles?	 Carpet tile is a new example of manufactured tiles that have been replaced by carpets in homes and buildings because of their special designs, and have been widely welcomed because of the variety of new carpet designs and sizes.

One of the best carpet tiles is berber carpet tiles the type of thick flooring that is highly resistant to abrasion and good insulation for heat, cold and sound.

In the past, all carpets covered the entire building, but today the development of the industry has led to a major change in home decoration, and ceramic tiles are widely used in bathrooms due to their high resistance to moisture they are very used and are easier to clean and clean than other types of tiles.

Residential carpet tiles have gained popularity at all levels because of the variety in price.

Manufacturing Process of Residential Carpet Tiles

Manufacturing Process of Residential Carpet Tiles				The stages of carpet tile production include preparation of materials, molding, baking, and finally grading ; in the first stage they prepare the raw materials for the tile body which varies depending on the type of tile produced for the next step, which is to form the tile, after preparing the raw material in powder form by pressing and pressing it into the body of the tile.

In the baking stage, which also results in drying, which involves baking of the body and the enamel baking; the baking operation depends on the type of product as single baking, two baking and three baking, and in the final step the grading and packing of the tiles this is done automatically and manually and then marketed.

Today, with the advancement of technology, we are seeing different types of carpet tile designs and colors that use them because of their special design, which gives your home a real carpet look and because of its large size they can break in they are too large that you should be careful when buying.

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