stone design stair kilim distribution

stone design stair kilim distribution

In order to distribute the kilim, we can see the market of different cities of the country. Therefore, Tehran, Isfahan and Karaj are among the best markets to buy and sell this product.

Carpet weaving is one of the types of carpets that can be used for staircases.
This item can be obtained from its distribution centers.
There are various designs for staircases inside the house, one of which is the styling.

stone design stair kilim distribution
These designs are produced in various sizes for customers and then distributed among supply stores.
One of the places where the flower is specially produced for it is the staircase.
Especially stairs that are inside the building and its beauty has a great effect on the stylish environment.
That is why in most homes, in order to make the staircase more beautiful, a variety of designs are used.

ُُُStair kilim distribution

Given the fact that the Stage Glam is available on models and stylish designs,
Buyers will have a better choice. As a result, they are asking the best kind of glam by visiting the broadcasting companies.

stone design stair kilim distribution
The most beautiful models of the stairs kilim are:

  • Stone design
  • Parquet plan
  • wood design
  • Simple
  • 3D
  • Level highlight

Stone design kilim

Usually, most people use stained glyphs to create variety in the environment.
In this case, they usually choose designs that are unique and can be beautiful.
The stone design is one of the most fashionable and most modern designs.

stone design stair kilim distribution